Maryland Based Asphalt Producer saves big


A Maryland based asphalt producer has a plant located in the I 83 Baltimore Suburban area. The plant burns on average 400,000 gallons of #2 per year. At $2.359 per gallon, annual costs at the plant are projected to be approximately $956,000. By converting to LNG that same plant would burn 672,000 gallons of LNG.

The BTU content is approximately 1.7 times greater from #2 oil vs LNG. Delivered in LNG cost for this client is $10 per mmbtu (.826 per gallon). Total cost for plant to burn LNG for year is projected at $555,340. Total annual savings come to $400,660.

Because this plant would be converting from #2 to LNG there would be a capital outlay for piping burner tip conversion. But costs would be a fraction of savings. Obviously, the cost savings, environmental, and operation benefits of LNG vs #2 oil are simply a no brainer for the asphalt producer. Fewer and fewer plants run on #2 oil. Many plants burn what is known as #5 oil or waste oil or RFO.


  • Client Asphalt plant
  • Location Suburban Baltimore
  • Number of gallons average 400,000 gallons of #2 burned per year
  • Year converted not provided
  • Annual savings $400,660