Transitioning your fleet to Renewable Natural Gas puts you in good company. UPS has been transitioning to natural gas vehicles since 1989, with recent commitments to RNG. Anheuser-Busch has also transitioned its fleet to RNG. LA Metro has also switched.

Why Run Your Fleet on RNG?

The benefits of RNG in general run far and wide. When it comes to fleets, though, RNG offers a number of great reasons to switch:

    • RNG is becoming more mainstream. A 2020 study showed that, of the fleets surveyed, 40% used RNG fuel in their natural gas vehicles (NGVs).
    • RNG lowers the total cost of ownership of your fleet.
    • Heavy-duty, fleet grade NGVs have been in development for decades. Buying an NGV vehicle today to use with NVs will give you a reliable asset with reduced maintenance and fuel cost savings.
    • RNGs are carbon neutral and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions – letting you meet your business’s sustainability objectives.
    • RNGs help U.S. farmers and businesses by giving them an alternative income source through the purchase and processing of their biowaste.

Pioneer LNG Can Help Your Fleet Run on RNG

Pioneer is committed to clean and affordable, U.S. based energy sources. That’s why we offer RNG for our customers’ fleets. Switching to Renewable Natural Gas is a win-win-win – it’s good for the environment, it’s good for U.S. businesses, and it promotes energy independence.