Fuel Farming

A food production operation is often tasked to maintain high product quality while simultaneously reducing production costs. Add to it the limited energy infrastructure in certain regions and this is a daunting challenge.

Energy is typically viewed as peripheral to the business therefore projects have an uphill fight for capital and attention. But this should be one of the first places to look for reducing costs and improving productivity and profits.

Liquefied Natural gas also brings ancillary benefits such as a reduction in NOx and Sox compared to propane and diesel fuel. It also reduces the cost of maintenance and down time for a plant.

LNG offers immediate savings and budget certainty in the extremely competitive food production industry. Outside of labor costs, this is the largest and most volatile portion of a business’s budget. Pioneer LNG can find solutions to reduce costs and improve your profit.

Case Studies

Eastern Shore of Maryland was looking for price certainty and reduced energy cost. See how we delivered. Read more