Alliance for Renewable Energy Services powered by Pioneer LNG

Alliance for Renewable Energy Services was established to create Win-Win opportunities for private and governmental fleets currently using natural gas vehicles. Pioneer works directly with fleets in aggregation to increase their buying power of Renewable Natural Gas.

Pioneer bundles various fleets together to create a portfolio of Natural Gas vehicle fleets which leverages the buying power with Renewable Natural Gas Producers.

How it Works?
Natural Gas will still be delivered via pipeline to your existing CNG station from the local gas company. Your natural purchases will be matched with a RNG (Renewable Natural Gas) producers who inject RNG into an interstate connection.

Each month you simply send Alliance for Renewable Energy Services your statement from the local gas company. Your purchases will then be reimbursed by Alliance for Renewable Energy Services.

Resulting in a $00.00 cost of natural gas. No capital outlay is required for end user.

RNG=Win Win
Converting to RNG is quite simply a win-win situation for everyone. Fleets can enjoy the lowest cost motor fuel vs any other competing fuel. This includes electric, motor gasoline and diesel fuel.

The other major winner is the environment. Utilizing RNG for fleets is carbon neutral creates a carbon neutral fleet. RNG is made up of methane that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. The methane is then cleaned by produces and able to use as a motor fuel.

Burning RNG for fleet not only displaces diesel and gasoline, but has an even greater environmental impact when it is produced from animal waste. Animal waste when left to decompose on its own emits harmful greenhouse gases and accounts for a large percentage of harmful greenhouse gases.

When repurposed for RNG, animal waste emissions are greatly reduced.