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Welcome to Pioneer LNG

The principles of Pioneer LNG bring a combined 65 plus years in all facets of the energy business. We have hands on experience in the distillate, natural gas, propane and power. We are now focusing on what we see is the liquid fuel of the future in LNG.

Using technological advances, we will be able to bring LNG to upstream and downstream participants. Whether it’s off the grid industrial users looking to convert to LNG, or current LNG buyers our goal is to deliver a dependable supply of LNG at competitive prices.

In July of 2008, American dependence of foreign energy supply reached its peak as crude oil rose to $145.29 per barrel. At the same time, a group of innovative engineers discovered a new way to harvest massive amounts of energy from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale. This has led to one of the one of the greatest comeback stories for American industry and Energy Independence. Pioneer LNG is working with the same technology in order to provide stable pricing and supply to energy consumers and Industry in the United States.

Pioneer’s 65 years of Energy experience and innovative technology can bring upstream energy prices to the downstream energy consumer. In less than 10 years, we have been able to offer significant operating and supply savings to large end users of traditional fuels like Propane and Diesel. Pioneer can manage all aspects from installation, supply, and hedging.


Industry/Asphalt Plants

Industry and Asphalt plants burn a tremendous amount of BTU’s to produce product.

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Pioneer LNG can help reduce the cost of greenhouse heat, grain drying and any fuel farming needs.

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Pioneer can provide LNG to utilities to fit their customer energy needs.

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