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LNG for the Asphalt production is a win-win for the Asphalt industry and the environment. For asphalt production location at off grid locations there are a few liquid fuel options. Off grid plants most likely burn propane, diesel fuel, and waste oil. LNG is a better solution vs these competing fuels for various reasons.

Case Studies

Acme Asphalt plant located in central Pennsylvania is currently burning 725,000 gallons of propane a season. The annual savings for this asphalt production plant is $198,454. Read more

A Maryland based asphalt producer has a plant located in the I 83 Baltimore Suburban area. Total annual savings come to $400,660.
Read more

An asphalt producer in north-central Pa was looking to see the benefits of converting from LNG vs RFO. Here is how the numbers worked out. Read more

LNG Vs Propane for Asphalt Production


The current price of propane delivered in for an Asphalt plant in the Mid Atlantic is in the range of $1.05-$1.15. Propane burns clean and does not have large negative impact environmentally, but LNG is superior to propane in terms of cost.

650,000-750,000 gallons

The average plant will burn 650,000-750,000 gallons of propane for their season which depending upon weather generally goes from March through December.