About Us

Pioneer LNG strives to be a reliable and competitive energy supplier, a strong community partner, and a model for the industry in the development and potential of American LNG. We believe that American LNG is the key to moving our country into a new era of energy independence.For 200 years our country was built on the back of energy supplies like coal and crude. As supplies dwindle, they become inefficient and environmentally unfriendly to access, increasing costs to businesses.

Pioneer LNG sees a new way forward. The technology we utilize will allow us to safely gather and transport liquid natural gas to our customers at costs much lower than traditional energy sources. Adding Renewable Liquid Gas (RNG) to our offerings allows us to be part of the solution – keeping costs low for businesses while shoring up American farmers, creating jobs, and protecting the environment through the creation and use of biomethane.

Company Vision

Our Leadership

Pioneer LNG’s principles come from every facet of the energy industry. With a combined 65 years of experience, we have hands-on experience in the distillate, natural gas, propane, and power.

This experience made us realize the incredible potential liquid natural gas had to bring energy independence and cost-efficiency to American businesses. For 10 years we brought cost-savings to U.S. businesses with LNG. Today, we are pleased to offer RNG to our customers. These innovations, and those that are to come, will help us keep American businesses supplied with the energy they need to thrive.


LNG and RNG Facts

Liquid Natural Gas (LNG)

  • LNG is the fastest-growing energy source in the upcoming decades.
  • LNG/Natural Gas costs less to produce than diesel or propane.
  • The Marcellus shale is thought to be the second-largest natural gas supply in the world.
  • Your current energy infrastructure can be converted over to LNG fuel supply.
  • LNG pricing is more stable and influenced less by “foreign” sources like crude products.
  • LNG/Natural Gas is cleaner and often more efficient than diesel/propane.
  • LNG is a better environmental, operational, and financial option than traditional Crude based supply.
  • More than 70% of Marcellus related jobs are filled by Pennsylvanians and 93% are filled by residents from the five-state Marcellus region.
  • LNG is now being produced in the Marcellus shale region. Marcellus production focuses on five states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, New York, and Maryland.

Renewable Liquid Gas (RNG)

  • RNG captures waste from dairies, farms, and landfills
  • Conversion to RNG prevents farm waste from becoming run-off into streams and waterways
  • RNG may be as much as three times more cost-effective than electric
  • Agriculture accounts for 24% of Green House Gas emissions – RNG harnesses that waste into a renewable clean energy source.