Using Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) is a more realistic alternative for businesses today than it has ever been. With decades of development for NGVs behind us, these vehicles have proven themselves to be more fuel-efficient, lower maintenance, and better for the environment than their petroleum counterparts.

The news is even better when it comes to natural gas and motor fuel – with more than 39% of all on-road NGVs using carbon-neutral Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), this energy source is more available for vehicles – including long-haul trucks, buses, and waste and recycling collection vehicles.

From 2015 to 2020, the use of RNGs has eliminated more than 7 million metric tons of CO2e – the equivalent of removing 18 billion miles driven by the average passenger car. Best of all, RNG is good for business – it creates jobs and provides alternative income sources for American farmers and other U.S. businesses.

As innovators and suppliers in the natural gas industry, Pioneer LNG can provide your business with the RNG needed to fuel your vehicles, from a single truck to an entire fleet. Want to know more about how Pioneer LNG can help you save money on your NGV’s total cost of ownership while using clean, renewable energy? Contact us today.