Environmentally friendly and efficient in North Central PA


An asphalt producer in north central Pa was looking to see the benefits of of converting from LNG vs RFO. Here is how the numbers worked out.

The plant consumed 400,000 gallons of waste oil and 30,000 of #2 oil used in preheating. The current price of waste oil for this plant is $.90 per gallon, current price of #2 is 2.359

Total Energy Cost at this plant is $410,770.

If this plant were to convert to LNG the price of LNG delivered would be $8.5 per MMBtu. The price per MMbtu includes infrastructure costs to convert to LNG.

Total plant energy cost would be $472,066. Therefore, there would be increase cost of $61,296. While the energy cost the plant goes up slightly, the plant maintenance cost goes down drastically as does plant down time.

This leads to more tons per hour for the asphalt producer and a much more environmentally friendly product. In the above examples the price of delivered LNG varies because of delivery costs associated with each plant.


  • Client Asphalt plant
  • Location North-central Pennsylvania
  • Number of gallons 400,000 gallons of waste oil and 30,000 of #2 oil used in preheating
  • Year converted not provided
  • Annual savings not provided