Ryan McCabe

General Manager, Haly Oil & Acquisition Co; Great Valley Propane

Ryan McCabe is a principal of Pioneer LNG. Ryan has been in the energy industry since 2003 where he began his career working as an intern on a hourly power trading desk at Conectiv Energy. After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh Ryan entered the refined products marketing industry. Since 2004 Ryan has been responsible for all fuel supply, trading and pricing for Haly Oil & Great Valley Propane. He has vast working knowledge of all components of the energy space with a focus all liquid fuels and transportation fuels. In 2019 Ryan formed Pioneer LNG, LLC to be able to provide small scale Liquid Natural Gas solutions to his vast end user network. In 2020 recognizing a shift in the energy landscape Ryan has put his main focus on Renewable Natural Gas as a transportation fuel. Today, Pioneer LNG works on both the production side and marketing side of Renewable Natural Gas offering a farm to fleet solution for end users.