Pioneer LNG’s core focus is to help industry reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their overall fuel expenses. We can offer LNG solutions at a significant cost reduction to competing fuels for off grid end users. Pioneer LNG along with its business partners can be a turn key solution for your fuel needs. We will help with fuel conversion, storage, and provide a continuous supply of LNG.

Industry/Asphalt Plants

Industry and Asphalt plants burn a tremendous amount of BTU’s to produce product. The cost savings by switching to LNG can reduce overall production cost by up to 20%-45%. In addition, LNG provides an environmentally friendly alternative to waste oil, diesel, or propane and allows plants to run more efficiently with less maintenance.


Pioneer can provide LNG to utilities to fit their customers' energy needs. LNG can be used during peak sharing times and for power generation. Pioneer prides itself by offering a quick response to all utility needs especially during critical periods.


Pioneer LNG can help reduce the cost of greenhouse heat, grain drying and any fuel farming needs. We are happy to partner with local farmers to reduce their operating expenses and improve profitability.


Long Haul fleets and farming equipment benefit from lower fuel cost for high fuel-use fleets. It increases driving ranges up to 600 miles between refueling. LNG is stably priced and 100% domestically produced fuel that is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Not only is it lower in NOx, particulates, SOx and CO2 than diesel but it is quieter than conventional diesel motors.


LNG is an inexpensive energy source for maritime vessels but as a ship fuel it is a tool for the maritime industry to meet upcoming environmental regulations. LNG improves air quality and reduces GHG emissions. Its appeal compared with scrubber technology and/or use of MGO is down to four main reasons:

  1. the time spent by vessels within ECAs
  2. cost differences between LNG and HFO+scrubber or MGO
  3. investment costs for LNG technology (engine/tanks/piping)
  4. availability of financial incentives

Renewable Natural Gas

We now offer renewable natural gas (RNG)!