Pioneer is proud to be able to offer RNG(Renewable Natural Gas) as a motor fuel to fleets and end users. RNG is biomethane that is treated and cleaned to be used interchangeably with standard pipeline natural gas. Biogas can be produced from landfills, from Livestock or from Wastewater Treatment process.

Carbon Neutral

RNG is the bridge to a carbon neutrality for municipalities and private sector fleets for various reasons. One key feature is RNG for motor fuel displaces On-Road diesel and gasoline in heavy trucks. In addition, when RNG is produced from anaerobic digestors (livestock RNG) is has a two-fold benefit. One, animal waste emits carbon dioxide, methane & nitrous oxide. The negative impact from emissions of  methane from animal waste is more than 20 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.  Aerobiotic biodigesters capture this off gas and turn into usable natural gas aka Renewable Natural Gas.

RNG for Fleets

Pioneer Works directly with various upstream RNG producing firms. The RNG can be shipped via pipeline or trucked at CNG or LNG.   The entry into using RNG for your fleet may be easier than you think. Most major truck manufactures of heavy and medium trucks offer Natural Gas Engine options. While the cost new for these trucks is higher than diesel trucks, the fuel savings payback is often accomplished is less than 2 years. Typically, as fleets cycles trucks is the time to purchase Natural Gas vehicle.

If you are currently using standard natural gas for your fleet the conversion to RNG is even easier. We can simply inject into the pipeline and nominate for your use. If a fleet doesn’t currently have natural gas dispensers already in place Pioneer can help with all infrastructure needed to do so.


The cost of RNG can vary based on what state you are in. Some states, such as California & Oregon have adopted Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs. There are incentives in place for fleets using RNG as motor Fuel. For a quote on what a delivered cost of RNG would be please contact us here.