How to Use the Calculator

The proximity of Natural Gas in Pennsylvania and the substantial savings over fuels like propane, heating oil, or waste oil make LNG an easy choice.

Traditional energy products (propane, heating oil, waste oil) require refining, logistic, and supply hurdles that impede long term hedging options and create risk management uncertainty for your business’ energy purchases.

Pioneer LNG eliminates variables like political unrest, volatile energy commodity derivatives, and variable pricing contracts by sourcing its supply locally and offering long term agreements. In 2020, the IMO’s “Clean Burning Fuel” Act will eliminate the demand for heavier oils in the market place as shipping transitions over to less polluting fuels.

This will impact/eliminate the waste oil industry in North America. Looking at alternatives past 2020 is going to be too late as the limited supply will be expensive, if it is available.

LNG as a fuel option was something that was not readily available to industry even 5 years ago but Pioneer LNG can provide supply and less expensive pricing options than your current fuel.

Still not sure? Use Pioneer LNG’s energy calculator to calculate your savings!!